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Self concious to a fault — LiveJournal

May. 24th, 2009

06:03 pm - Merch Sales

Starting Bid: $40
All Time Low from '06(Signed by band) Youth Medium

Starting Bid: $30
Fall Out Boy from '04(Signed by band) Youth Medium

Starting Bid: $50 (This is cheaper than any "acceptable" copy up on Amazon and there are none on Ebay)
I also have a copy of the book "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" by Pete Wentz. It's in PERFECT MINT condition, only read once and is a collecters item.

Both shirts are in perfect condition and have only been worn/washed a few times.

I can take concealed cash, money orders, check and possibly Paypal as a last resort.

Highest bid gets the item and please bid in the comments so it stays organized. I will update whenever there is a new bid.

Bidding ends Wednesday at Noon Pacific time.

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Jul. 7th, 2008

12:08 pm - Items for sale

FOB Broken Heart Hoodie (Size Large,Perfect condition, worn once or twice) $20
title or description

PWT's Hoodie (Size Small, Perfect condition, only worn a few times) $20
title or description

Paramore Dancing Umbrellas Girls Tee (Size Medium, Perfect condition, worn about 4 times) $12
title or description

Switchfoot Stars Girls Tee (Size Large, Great condition, rarely worn because it doesn't fit me) $10
title or description

Switchfoot Brown Girls Tee (Size Small-American Apparel,Good condition. Worn before me but not often) $10
title or description

Panic At The Disco Shirt (Size Youth Large, Good condition. Worn a lot but is still good! No rips or anything that would make it not worth buying) $10
title or description

This Providence Mountains Girls Tee (Size Large, A bit stretched out. Signed by Dan Young) $7
title or description

Brand New Shirt (Size Small, Good condition. I wore it about 3 times and my friend wore it before me) $10
title or description

Plain White T's Group Picture Shirt (Size Large Good condition! Signed by Dave and Mike but Mike's is a bit faded) $10
title or description

Good Charlotte All Over Print Bandana (Great condition. Never used or worn) $5
title or description

Prices are negotiable. Feel free to have bidding wars. (JK JK)

I also have some additional items that I'm still thinking about whether or not to sell them.
They include: an All Time Low hoodie from their tour with The Pink Spiders, a signed Fall Out Boy shirt(the blue Chicago one), a grey Panic At The Disco hoodie and a signed Amber Pacific shirt. Let me know if you might want any of those. I'm still deciding whether or not to sell them.

Jul. 29th, 2007

02:48 pm - I thought being strong meant never losing my selfcontrol

American Idol concert review
Meeting the idols (INCLUDING CAKE!!!Collapse )
Before the showCollapse )
The ConcertCollapse )

The best part of the night was most def the Cake song and actually getting to touch/talk to them. My God...this will live on forever. I am in such a great mood. After the show I bought a Tour book and took a shower and bam, went to sleep to dream about all this. Which I did. When Tai wasn't waking me up by chewing on my ear. Which is her new favorite thing to do. And then my dream went from Blake to Neil from SYTYCD. Lol. I think I'm going to go download some vids from YT and put them on my iPod to watch. Hehehe. =D

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Current Music: Paint It Black-Gina Glocksen

May. 16th, 2007

01:59 am - Take me back to your bed I love you so much that it hurts my head

33 Blake IconsCollapse )

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Current Music: The Tension And The Terror-Straylight Run

Mar. 20th, 2007

04:38 pm - Something tells me I'm into something good

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